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Sexual and Reproductive health and rights

Teaching young girls how to sew their own Reusable Pads was part of Welisane Foundation participation at the Growlic Summer Academy organised by PC BASTOS in partnership with BODY TALK INTERNATIONAL under the theme: Menstrual Hygiene/ Sex Education for Holiday Makers. We also seized the opportunity to preach our Vacances Sans Grossesses message.

Education And Training

Happy International Youth Day! Celebrating our Youth Peer Educator Clinton Chofor who has been on mass media (STV) and holiday classes to talk to youths about the adverse effects of teenage pregnancy and the importance of education on our Vacances Sans grossesses Campaign.

Socio economic empowerment of women

Welisane Foundation Partnered with YALI ALUMNI CENTER REGION to commemorate the International Nelson Mandela Day at Notre Dame de la Miséricode Orphanage Nkolbisson. This was also an opportunity to Vehiculate our "Vacances Sans Grossesses" Campaign message.


Mentorship is one of the 4 strategic goals of Welisane Foundation. It's another way of giving back our knowledge/skills in varied fields and to help mentees reach their goals.

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